About Us

GH Innovation is one of world’s leading providers in real time voice communication and voice enhancement technologies. The company offers high quality, complete software solutions for various voice over IP applications.  Using designs based on our patented technologies, GH Innovation brings significant advancements in voice quality to its customers.

GH Innovation’s voice solutions include voice engine and components to support different customer needs in deploying VOIP products and services. Moreover, GH Innovation provides voice/audio international standardization consultation services as well as existing patent research consultation services.

Headquartered in south Los Angeles area in US west coast, GH Innovation was started by renowned experts in voice technologies. One of the founders of GH Innovation is the inventor of nearly 50 issued patents and 30 pending patents in this field; many of the patents have been accepted by international standards committee including ITU, 3GPP and 3GPP2 to use in several international standards. They are widely used in cell phone and voice over Internet applications.  With profound experiences in VoIP industry, GH Innovation continually strives to deliver the most innovative products with superior voice quality to our customers.
Intellectual Property
GH Innovation team has created several international patents in the area of full-duplex voice communication in Internet. It covers advanced acoustic echo cancellation techniques as well as innovative voice codec architecture specifically designed for Internet communications. These patented technologies offers breakthrough to our customer with superior voice quality in a cost effective way.