GHI Voice Engine, is a complete packaged solution designed to be used in PC-based voice communication, such as PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone. It delivers high quality voice for unified communication over IP. With IP convergence trend in global telecommunication and social networking sites flourishing, voice communication is a must-have feature for service providers worldwide.  GHI Voice Engine is highly optimized turn-key voice engine with bundled codecs (both standard and proprietary), adaptive jitter buffer, acoustic echo canceller, noise reduction and automatic gain control (AGC) to ensure high voice quality even in highly adverse network condition.
  • GHI full set of codec suite includes wideband and narrowband codecs, standard and proprietary patented codecs; all are specially tuned to create robust, clear sound.
  • Advanced echo canceller eliminates echoes in various settings, such as conferencing, using build-in microphone or camera-phone in hands-free environments, etc
  • Algorithm that automatically adjust voice level to achieve consistent, comfortable listening experience.
  • Efficient noise suppression capability to contain background noise.
  • Adaptive algorithm to handle network jitter to maintain good voice quality and low latency for up to 30% packet loss environment.


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